Things To Bear In Mind For Sales Interview

The year is about to end and as per the CareerBuilder India’s Midyear Job Forecast Study, many Indian employers and job seekers are positive about the hiring outlook in the second quarter of 2015. In the same context, the top functional areas where employers will be ramping up their recruitments in the second half of 2015 are listed below, take a look over the below list-

· Sales (40%)

· Marketing (39%)

· Production (34%)

· Information Technology (38%)

· Accounting/ Finance (30%)

· Human Resources (27%)

From the above figures, one thing which is very much clear and loud is that sales is leading from the front when it comes to top hiring segments. So if you are seeking sales positions, be it sales manager jobs, sales representative, area sales manager or regional sales manager you can expect multiple offers coming your way.

We know where maximum number of hiring would be done. Next step is preparing for the interviews. Job search is an extensive process that involves good investment of time, hard work, patience as well as devotion. Getting a job is a matter of luck, hiring trends, current booming sectors and not just industry specific knowledge and ‘must have qualities’.

Interviews are meant to judge our competency for the job. Interview process may vary from company to company. Being a job seeker is tough, especially when you are looking for foot in door opportunity. Whether you are looking for your first sales job or looking for a switch, fear of failing in an interview is inevitable.

Some of the common non verbal mistakes and other interesting facts and figures regarding interviews are covered by Careermuse in their infographic, titled, Things to Know before a job interview’. The key excerpts from the infographic are listed below, take a look-

Your Attire in an interview does matter

· 65% recruiters say clothes can be a deciding factor between two similar candidates

· Dress formally

Impressions made on a recruiter are

· 55% the way we dress and walk through the door

· 38% the quality of our voice, grammar and overall confidence

· 07% from what we actually say

Preparing for the sales interview

A sales employer is probably looking for a person who is energetic, well connected, tech savvy, team player, and a good planner. Just think of your prospective employer as another client and sell yourself to the company for your services. You should prepare for your sales interview in the same way as you would prepare for your client. Research well about the company you are going for an interview, be confident about and steal the show with your sales achievements. You may be asked questions like what type of sales/products you sold and how did you sell them or what kind of goals motivate you and so on, sound positive and be prepare to share experiences from your previous company.

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