Day 01: A Python Web scrapper #100DaysOfCode

Hello everyone, I'm Santiago and this is the first episode of #100DaysOfCode!

All the code for this project can be found on my github.

Challenge: Build a web scrapper

Nowadays we hear a lot this word: "scrapper", but.. everyone does actually know what is it? For the ones who don’t know, a scrapper is a tool which is built for scan a website and retrieve some data.

In this first mini-project I am going to extract some data from the HackersNews website (

The final result I expect is a list with some useful dictionaries:

[{'news title':' link '},..]

In other day-project I will use this hashes for some frontend purpose. Stay tuned!

Ok ! Let’s do it !


For this solution I used mainly 2 wide-known libraries (Installation details in repository):

  • Requests: A Web Client for doing some HTTP requests.
  • Beautiful Soup: A popular library for pulling data out HTML.

Step 1: We use the requests library to get the HTML document.

response = requests.get(“")

Step 2: Create a Beautiful Soup object

soup = BeautifulSoup(html)

Step 3: Retrieve the table of news, with the find method of the BeautifulSoup object. The find() method return the exact HTMLelement of the website.

table = soup.find(‘table’)

Step 4: Iterate over the rows of the table, get each link and title with the findAll method which retrieves a ResultSet. We can also filter the attributes of the HTML element, like findAll(‘tr’,attrs={‘class’:’athing’}).

#Links array
links = []
#We iterate over the rows
for row in table.findAll(‘tr’,attrs={‘class’:’athing’}):
for cell in row.findAll(‘td’,attrs={‘class’:’title’}):
link = cell.find(‘a’,attrs={‘class’:’storylink’})
if link:
links.append({link.text.encode(‘utf-8’) : link.get(‘href’).encode(‘utf-8’)})

The result:

{‘How a VC-funded company is undermining the open-source community’: ‘'},
{‘Host your own contacts and calendars and share them across devices’: ‘'},

So far, I built this simple mini-project in my first day, so cheer up ! You can do it as well, if you have some ideas to add to this project or even better: build a new one based on this one, don't hesitaste and fork it on Github!

Remember, the code for all projects is available here.

Happy coding everyone!

Stay tuned, for Day 02 project!