1. Edhi sb Reading

I would like to cover all the Amal’s principles of progress in single example from Edhi sb’s life. He had a great belief in humanitarianism and wanted to build hospitals for the poor , make a factory to train and employ the poor and all other he could do to help people as humanitarianism laid the foundation of his future. His this dream regarding humanitarianism could only be fulfilled by applying all the principles of progress. So for the accomplishment of all his ideas he never gave up experiencing any inconvenience , he was never discouraged by the sarcastic comments of his fellow beings rather he always thought that he can begin small but why should he think small (khudi).He had respect for labor. He started from very small, by giving one paisa to the needy .He started working on streets , selling pencils and matchboxes , than at a shop he started earning five rupees. Out of which he kept one rupee aside as a saving and the other four he gave to his mother. By starting such little saving he was able to purchase shares and could invest for fulfilling the needs of poor . He worked day and night for the humanitarianism (Amal & Sabre jamil). He couldn’t fulfill his dreams alone.He had support of his mother and friends in his savings and earnings respectively. He along with his friends made up his own circus , charging children one or two paisas each for performances.(Aik aur aik giara). I like his taking little step towards his dreams.As the distance is nothing, it’s only the first step that is difficult.All you need is to be consistent and devoted for your work.

2. #Just start

My goal was to overcome the fear of asking questions from my teachers in the class.

I wanted to achieve this goal because i have always thought that if i do not study well i would not be able to teach well. To become a good mentor i have to be a good student and my knowledge could be enhanced by questioning and being confident enough to respond back to questions.

I had faced a lot of problems like lacking confidence of asking questions , even if i motivate myself for that but that did not work before.All the questions rushed in my mind like will my question be a valid one ? what if whole class will laugh on my question ? if teacher asks me something related to that would i be able to respond her ? This overthinking never allowed me to be confident enough to put a question to the teacher.

When i thought of this fear and reminded myself that i have to do this at any cost.For that i firstly studied the topic and prepared some questions , before i ask any question from my teacher so that it could be a valid one or if she/he asks me back something related to that i should be able to respond.Then i forced myself to ask and i did .

That was a bit of hard but after i have asked i was feeling relaxed.But when i asked i was not able to concentrate on the answer she replied me with because i was in a different kind of state at that moment but it felt alright after few minutes and i was happy that i did.

I learned that only the first step is difficult to take. Though it seemed difficult but nothing is impossible.All you need is to just start.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase , just take the first step
The distance is nothing , it’s just the first step that is difficult

Now i will continue this thing for the rest of my learning sessions as well.Not only in this case but i would try to overcome all my fears by taking a step for that.