Meet Sanbot at Pepcom’s Digital Experience

On May 18th, the Digital Experience! West demo event will be held in San Francisco. Digital Experience! West is one of Pepcom’s annual events, showcasing the latest hi-tech gadgets and consumer electronics to the world’s leading media outlets. One of the most innovative robots in the world, Sanbot, is excited to be featured with Microsoft, Huawei, Philips, and other hi-tech giants.

Sanbot is an intelligent, cloud-enabled robot developed by Qihan technology Co. Ltd., a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence, and video analysis. Sanbot service robot is an advanced Hardware-App-Cloud service with a three-in-one multi-service ecosystem. Sanbot’s advanced open API allows Sanbot to be easily customizable to integrate into numerous scenarios. These scenarios range from a Smart home to businesses in retail, hospitality, education, and healthcare. QIHAN is excited to display Sanbot at Pepcom.

At Pepcom’s Digital Experience! West event, the Qihan Sanbot team will demo Sanbot’s many innovative solutions for retail businesses. The flagship of Sanbot’s solutions is MPS. MPS (Multi-service Platform System) is Sanbot’s most pioneering a retail solution that Qihan is ready and thrilled to reveal to the public.

Using MPS, businesses can effortlessly customize and create tasks for Sanbot on a PC, tablet, or Smartphone and distribute them to their fleet of Sanbots over the QIHAN cloud. Using Sanbot’s open API, MPS allows businesses to upload and share customized marketing content including PowerPoint presentations, audio, video, or text files. An example of the MPS solution is being able to set any of your robots in promotional mode, product introduction mode, entertainment mode, and reception mode and then switch the modes if desired. This is accomplished with ease using the central control function for the four modes through MPS on your computer.

In China, Sanbot is already a hit. This cute but sophisticated robot has widely been used in public squares, airports, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, and customs. Sanbot has received high praise from partners and clients.

On the night of May 18th, about 200 journalists and analysts will attend Pepcom in San Francisco. Sanbot’s hi-tech features have attracted a lot of media attention. Sanbot will receive international media coverage from publications including BusinessWeek, CNBC, CNET, Consumer Reports, Engadget, TechCrunch, and more. If you want to have a phenomenal robot service experience, come to the QIHAN booth to interact with Sanbot. We look forward to seeing you there!