Sanbot Lineup Cheered for Football Game

Last Saturday on May 13th, one important league match of China League was held in Shenzhen Stadium: Shenzhen Football Club vs Wuhan Zall Football Club. The football match attracted a total of more than 10,000 football fans to scene. In order to warm the scene more effectively, the powerful lineup of 60 Sanbot robots were invited to be the cheerleaders. The athletic competition with artificial intelligence witnessed a multiple elements to the event.

Sanbot Lineup for football game

Sanbot is the sub-brand of Qihan Technology, one leading AI innovative company located in Shenzhen. Sanbot was awarded one of “Top Ten Commercial Service Robot Brands” in China. The 60 Sanbot robots’ joining-in was an innovative move and another significant inter-industrial breakthrough both for AI technology and sports.

At the scene, the robots gave full play to the AI functions. Before the match, the remote controlled 60 Sanbot robots and 30 staff from Qihan Technology formed SZFC (Full name: Shenzhen Football Club) captioned by overhead drone.

The entrance fans witnessed the busy robots: Some were receiving football fans, some chanting the match slogan, while some others were dancing in group to warm up. One of the most attractions is that, one robot ran to Mr. Sven-Göran Eriksson for group photos. Mr. Eriksson managed the national teams of England, Mexico and the Ivory Coast, as well as three clubs in England and has been engaged as the football coach of Shenzhen Football Club since Dec. 5th, 2016.

Mr. Sven-Göran Eriksson and Sanbot

Sanbot is one epitome of artificial intelligence. One of the most highlights is its open API ecosystem involved in various industries. Aimed at special service scenarios, the robot can be further developed and installed with the customized solutions, creating a lot value to businesses around the world.

Now people are making the impossible possible with the fast development of AI technology. The football match fueled with artificial intelligence is just a starting point. Hi-tech artificial intelligence is one key point Chinese government is paying high attention to. In the near future, artificial intelligence will make a greater contribution to people’s lives and businesses all around the world.