Sanbot’s “AI + Innovative Chain Solution” energizes businesses

Background: QIHAN Sanbot Robotics was invited to the world’s largest-scale chain industry summit — China Chain Day 2017. China Chain Day is the most influent and biggest chain industry summit in the world and dedicated to creating global new type chain industry ecosystem. Through shared cases, communication, connective sources at the scene, the event drives China’s chain businesses go to the whole world.

Consumption updating: AI pushing China’s chain to the whole world

“Internet, digitalization, IT, platform, accessible diversity, extension of the border, business model” are the prescriptions to consumption upgrading from the titans in chain businesses. And for “how to reduce labor costs and increase foot traffics”, “how to offer a better training for staff, job recruitment, interesting interaction, social contact” and other, artificial intelligence is the hot topic.

The costs are similarly equal for online E-commerce and physical stores. Channel-oriented is out of date and the stores are conducting transformation and consumption upgrading, to become customers’ experience area. Thus, AI is the blue ocean of next consumption upgrading. In recent years, intelligent service robotics, AI voice recognition, facial recognition and similar high technologies are subverting the channels of retail industry.

In AI area, voice and visual recognition take up the highest ratio and each of them is 60% and 12.5% of artificial intelligent market. As predicted, the total amount of Chinese AI market will reach RMB9.1 billion from RMB1.2 billion in 2015.

Under the background of enough material for youngsters born in 90’s and 00’s generation, retail industry will encounter another evolution by vital of high technologies in the future 10 years — retail will not only mean buying and selling, but include the shopping experience and other feelings, both for E-commerce and physical stores.

Sanbot’s “AI + Innovative Chain Solution” energizing businesses

With the “New Retail” rising, various models of artificial intelligence are happening. And in future, with the integration of online and offline and better experience, customers’ staying on online platform is the key to justice their competitiveness.

In the past few years, QIHAN Technology has been deploying AI application platform and created one whole solution system for businesses based on the innovation of intelligent hardware. And its first commercial robot Sanbot S1 debut to the markets in 2016. Presently, QIHAN Technology’s R & D on robotic voice recognition system is just one part.

Sanbot Cloud-brained humanoid robot intelligent promotional management platform is of capacity to combining online and offline, realizing all-channel operations and customers’ images. For example, the intelligent robot’s facial recognition helps with membership recognition and call members’ data for accurate promotion, cutting off the membership costs and improving businesses sales value effectively. The humanoid service robot can offer guidance service, interaction experience, ensuring customers to receive better services both online and offline.

In the near future, Sanbot will bring more innovative solution for consumption upgrading of retail chain businesses and various industries by vital of AI technologies.