Brain Storm

Individual Idea Generation

Problem Statement: How might we make organization items more accessible from a lofted bed?

New Warm-Up Game: 1–2–3 Hot Potato

A new strategically take on Hot Potato. Participants write down 1,2, or 3 on paper, without showing that number to the group. Whoever starts flips their paper and passes the potato to the counter-clockwise (or clockwise, it doesn’t matter). The number on their paper determines how many people it gets passed down. This repeats until the potato gets to a person who has already had their paper flipped. That person is then out, and the game repeats until there are two people left who rock-paper-scissors for the win.

Session Organization

George (Behind glass)- George is a CFANS student who has his own room. He lives in single dorm in Bailey like the rest of the participants. His bed is lofted.

Grace(Left)- Grace is a CLA student who lives in a double with Shay. They both have their beds lofted in a “L” shape adjacent to each other.

Purple Dan (Guy with Purple Hair)- Purple Dan is a CSE student who lives in a expanded quad room with 4 other students. He sleeps in un-lofted bed with enough space underneath to hold bins. He sleeps in the “lounge” area of the quad, but only occupies the back near the window.

Shay (Right)- Shay is a CLA student who lives in a double with Shay. Her “L” shaped bed with Grace is against the wall in a corner.

The Setting :Bailey’s lounge area. The window was used to place the ideas on the board.

Warm Up Games: 1–2–3 Hot Potato, Zip-Zap-Zop, Look at Me

Time for Brain Storm: 40 Minutes

Number of Ideas: 80

IPM: .5 ideas per minute.

Sorting and Voting

People (Left) Ways to get off bed easily(Right)
Off of bed(Left) Changes loft design(Right)
Accent Furniture (Left) Changes loft design (Right)

10 Top Ideas

10–20- Individual Idea Generation:Complete my how might… statement and work on 30 ideas.

10–21- Finish 30 ideas and come up with a New Warm-up Game.

10–22- Session Organization, sorting, and voting.

10–23 Work on Re-sketching and Scan 10 top Ideas

10–24: Start on log and Finish by Wednesday

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