Trams- The Cultural Heritage of Kolkata

Tram in Kolkata

The tramway is a 143-year old mode of city transport that adds to the cultural heritage of the City of Joy, Kolkata. Thousands of people avail of this facility every single day. It is the cheapest mode of transportation in Kolkata and that is why it is easily available to all classes of people. It is one of the cleanest and environment-friendly transports in India.

Now, after so many years, the government has decided to pull it off the streets of Kolkata. Why has the government taken such a drastic step? I know it slows down traffic but, at the same time it is a very good mean of communication to the common people. It is not possible for everybody to avail a cab and reach their destinations. They prefer the tramways. I prefer the tramways.

I have grown seeing trams. My only attraction in this city as a child was the tramways. I often used to come to Kolkata and ask my father to take me for a tram ride. It has a romantic, old-world charm that adds to the beautiful character of the city of joy. It is a pollution free mode of transport; this adds to the dream of witnessing a pollution-free world someday.

Continents like Asia, Europe, Africa, Central America, North America and South America still avail of the facility of the tramways. Kolkata is the only city in India that has the facility of tramways and it is a matter of pride for the Calcuttans.

Tram in Sofia, Europe

I personally do not agree to the fact that trams should be phased out. It is just not a mode of transports; it is the lifeline of the city. People connect emotionally to this mode. Be it the journey through the ‘Maidan’ or the overcrowded Wellington Square, tramways has been a boon to us. I would love to go back on a tram ride repeatedly. 2000 kms away from home what fascinates me more is the tram ride. I miss the streets. I miss being there.