QuickPay — Disrupting Small Payments

From my discussions with friends in the payments sector, I have found, small-cash is king in the services business .Small Cash is primarily used because of high cost of using digital payments solutions for small transfers, propensity to save taxes and in some case not availability of good payment solutions.

Changing the behavior is almost Impossible or is it ?

Small cash transactions are mostly used in the services industry which has razor thin margins. Non availability of a cheaper alternative is a big challenge . With QuickPay and inbuilt Stellar integration, we intend to solve for “Low Cost”.

All you need is a Bittrex or an Anchor such as Stronghold login; a QR Code printout and Voila you are in business!

We are opening a private beta by May 15th, 2018, if you want to be a pioneer amongst your peers in reducing your business costs, please do sign up here.