Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg has a habit like most billionaires do, send out a letter every year ( Gates Notes, Buffets Yearly shareholder letter) to his community members, which outlines his vision of the year and his desired accomplishments. Being a crypto-nut that I am , I was surprised to see “cryptocurrency” being mentioned in full, not the fig-leaf block-chain, but cryptocurrency , and alarm bells started ringing in my head.

The rest is my imagination, read it for your pleasure.

I started thinking what if Facebook does believe in a borderless world, a 2B community which smashes across identities…

From my discussions with friends in the payments sector, I have found, small-cash is king in the services business .Small Cash is primarily used because of high cost of using digital payments solutions for small transfers, propensity to save taxes and in some case not availability of good payment solutions.

Changing the behavior is almost Impossible or is it ?

Small cash transactions are mostly used in the services industry which has razor thin margins. Non availability of a cheaper alternative is a big challenge . With QuickPay and inbuilt Stellar integration, we intend to solve for “Low Cost”.

Part of a series on ID and Payments

1.1B people in the world lack any form of Identification in the world. The rest have some form of ID, but most of them are not digital, which dissuades them from availing services and aid with strong SLA’s. Inefficiency and corruption lead to poor distribution of welfare and has been a challenge for most of 20th century.

21st century aims to be different, with rapid growth in internet and mobility, digital & secure ID’s for a the entire 7B population is not a distant dream but a near term reality. The challenge…

Most ideas have a story, and many of them start with a glass of wine. This is one of those. I am super pumped on what we are building — a simple clean payment solution for <$100 cash economy. US has rough $1.6T in cash circulation with more than 50% of cash transactions less than $25 . Cash is a dinosaur in the 21st century. As demonstrated by India, the move to a cashless economy is not only prudent but helps solve inefficiencies in the system.

Sanchayan Sinha

Innovating with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain : Global equity investments and small payments.

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