My Top 10 Resolutions for 2018

Finally, 2018 is here and like every year I have promised to be a better version of myself in the new year. I know it’s always the few days, till the hangover of new year lasts, that our resolutions are in place. By the time we enter February and get indulged into our day to day activities, the resolutions slowly escape our memory.

Statistics show that only one in five people managed to keep their resolutions longer than one week.

However, I always believe its good to have resolutions for yourself to push your limits and challenge yourself and make your aspirations come true, whether that’s professionally, in relationships or simply understanding what really makes us happy. The kick you get in achieving even few of them if not all is beyond words.

Here are my top 10 resolutions for 2018

1. Start writing once a week

2. Healthy Lifestyle

3. Make my website

4. Spend more time with family

5. Connect with old friends

6. Learn new cuisines

7. Do proper investments

8. Travel to the mountains

9. Pursue my dancing training

10. Improve my skills and knowledge

Do share your top 10 resolutions in the comment section below so that we can remind each other and keep ourselves motivated thought the year.