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UX Designers are leading today’s business.

I believe the way businesses are operating earlier, it is not the same today. The business playground has been changed completely now, it is not like if you know your business, you know how to make it successful. Actually, it changed now, if you know your user, you know your business. And it becomes every successful business mantra today. That’s why most of the businesses are rapidly exploring the benefits of good UX, and they are already recognizing the potential for a significant return on investment from UX design and development. You should not even slightly underestimate a great UX’s ability to influence customers. It’s clear that companies who fail to provide an optimal experience for there users will find themselves at a significant disadvantage to competitors who currently using it.

I have been a part of different size of businesses and I have gone through good and bad UX Design, throughout my professional journey, I came across that there is no match of good UX Design, it is the investment that makes and breaks today’s fast-moving businesses, especially the digital businesses. I can see most of the good UX designers are not just a part of a small or a big business, but they are the front operator of today’s business, working and solving the big and the small problems of these businesses every day.

Good design is good business. -Thomas J. Watson

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The Front Operator Of Today’s Business

UX Design has long been recognized as a front operator of business success, and this will continue to be a central topic in 2019. A business is not a single hand operation, most of us know it, but the process of building a business has been changed now. It is much easier to build a business today, in the shades of current technology. Building a great experience is the most essential target of any types of business today. The right alignment between the product and the users are important of any business, and the UX designer is fixing all these by creating a seamless experience between product and users.

Today’s most of the tech companies in India, they continue competing with each other to win the heart of their users but it becomes very challenging now as new companies are rising up to give the direct competition to the existing companies and the users are using these products and services, now they have multiple choices to pick the best one and which leads to great brand experience if it’s bad then the risks of losing the hard earn users is pretty high. It’s very hard to understand every business insights, but one thing is very up and front for those who are using these products and services, which is a good and bad experience of a product and a service. And the quality of your UX is one of the decisive factors for a user to choose between you and your competitor. More than ever, UX Designers strive to take decisions based on the data and users insight, to measure the effectiveness of their designs, and to optimize their processes in a way that makes sense for a business.

We have a great example of “Zomato” and “Swiggy” as we know Zomato was leading the online food service in India back years ago, and then Swiggy came and ruled the smart phone for online food service, became India’s fastest unicorn startup. It’s not like that Swiggy received a huge investment that’s why they succeed, I believe this is not the right way to measure Swiggy success, it is more than that because today when I asked someone why you like Swiggy, not Zomato, most of them say ” The overall experience is much better then Zomato”, they don’t say ” Zomato doesn’t do marketing much now”. And it is the same went with “Ola” and “Uber” as well. A good investment matters a lot for a business to speak louder in the noisy market but it is impossible to be consistent without a good user experience and that’s what a UX Designers do, align the product or the service with the user requirement for the long battle and those who consistently able to create a great user experience, win the battle of business.


Globalization has changed the way businesses were operating earlier. Today small businesses expand at night and become a global brand, and take over big businesses. Businesses were also doing great back years ago but they were not at under the user’s fingertips, now it is. That’s why today’s every great business out there investing more and more money and time in UX design, more than ever; it is the investment that a smart business must do, to comprehend the users need and want.

If you asked me what’s the biggest value UX designer add in a business? I will say the ability to understand your users and give them what they want, not a business can provide. I believe this is the long business battle ‘Mantra’ today.

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