Lack of Physical Activity and Food Deserts; Relationship to Obesity

Learning about obesity I’ve understood that it wasn’t always such a big problem until it became a big issue that involved health risks. Many of the issues in obesity include children, low income families, lack of physical activities, and even poor access to healthy eating. So many people have done research on food deserts being a leading cause of obesity. That connecting to low income communities. Others would say that the leading cause to obesity is the lack of physical activity people do on a daily bases. Obesity is considered a disorder that has multiple leading acts causing one to be obese.

If we look more into food deserts which is “areas characterized by relatively poor access to healthy and affordable food,” according to A Systematic Review of Food Deserts, 1966–2007. If we really look into the situation of food deserts and how it affects so many communities around us or within us. You”ll see how many people struggle to find healthy food. But it’s not just them not having the access to healthy eating but also how expensive healthy food has been. If you see around poor urban areas, you’ll notice how around them there are more fast food restaurants and liquor stores surrounding them. It’s also hard for people without transportation to get to there nearest grocery store. They usually have to take multiple busses or use public transportation. But if one looks around in a low income community you tend to see so many fast food restaurants all around and convenience stores, than in a wealthy area. In the article Studies Question the Pairing Of Food Deserts and Obesity, by Kolata, G, she made some good explanations, which I thought were important for others also to understand. The article explains how if you walk around poor communities you actually see more fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and all sorts of access to food. So it’s actually more of a “food swamp” according to Kolata. But she also points out how research is being done on the produce in these community grocery stores. So they’re looking further into the food given to the people, and if it even benefits to their diet. It’s becoming more of a problem for people to get the healthy food, and a healthier meal more than anything. But food deserts are just one of the major contributions to obesity some people think is important to understand.

Another major cause would be not being physically active. The lack of physical activity has been taking an effect to children. We can all see that children have been too busy with technology that they rarely go outside and pick up a ball, or jump rope. The lack of physical activities has been a major factor to obesity. In the article Children’s Physical Activity Awareness among Mothers in a Saudi Arabian Health Center by Maysah Amer, Ghada AI Arfai, and Abdlaziz A Adohayani, they explain a study conducted to prove that physical activity is crucial to the well being to children. This study mainly focuses on Saudi Arabia mothers and their awareness of physical activity for their children, but it’s making a point for all the readers to understand. Since mothers are the parent that tends to spend more time with their children they play a big role to the children’s health. Amer explains that “Mothers’ knowledge about healthy lifestyle is exceedingly important to their children, fulfilling this role”(2017). So mothers need to understanding how important it is for their children to be somewhat physically active. And according to the study many of the women did not know how much their children need to be active or for how long. Most of the women who didn’t have a high education were the ones who were clueless about it all. The lack of education in awareness to how important physical activity is, has been creating an increase in overweight and obesity. If ones not being physically active like at least walking to school, have an hour exercise routine, playing a sport, or at least walking to your nearest grocery store, then it’s more likely that our bodies will get used to the laziness and will increase the chances to become overweight or obese in the future. “Physical inactivity is widely documented as a major risk factor for many chronic diseases; it ranks between the second and sixth most important risk factor contributing to the burden of disease in Western populations”(Amer 2017). This quote I pulled out from the same article is indicating the need for all to get moving being physically active is important. It’s a good idea in an early age for children to get into a routine of eating healthy and being physically active. That way throughout their lives they live a long and healthy lifestyle having a physically active routine.

These two views are both important factor that contribute to the obesity epidemic. Of course some people and researcher believe that one issue is more of a leading cause than other. The two sources are both different from each other because the two have different type of illustrators. The first article by Gina Kolata is from The New York Times, so it’s more of a political standing. Also because it includes politicians, like Machelle Obama. The second source is more scientific because it’s a study conducted by multiple researchers and the main composer of the experiment is a family medicine composer. So there are many different individuals with different educational backgrounds focusing on obesity and the issues increasing people to be obese. If it’s being physically inactive, or food deserts that are the issue causing obesity. The two factors are both big issues that are contributing to obesity, but not one is more than another. Obesity has been around for centuries and there has been so many research within what the leading cause is. But there isn’t just one cause to obesity, nor can there be just one cause.

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