A Way

They were about 12 hours apart. When he said good morning, she said goodnight. It was a miracle that they caught each other awake. It meant that they strayed beyond conventional society’s sleeping timings. 
She dreamt about him a lot. More than 41% of her dreams had him in it. This meant that at certain points, two of him existed; one the real flesh and blood version and the other an ethereal dream projection. One she wished she could hold, the other she kept in her mind. One so far from her, the other ever-present in the dark. In her dreams he was never quite the same. Her perceptions of his grandeur made the dream version slightly unattainable. This is not to say that the real version was any more attainable. His majestic aura lit up everything around him. 
She went on and on about his beauty both, in her head and to his face. She never let any opportunity of making him loved go by. She tried her best to fill the unforgiving moment with as much love as humanely possible. If only there were a way of directly transferring feelings! Words were her fickle friends and she trusted them to touch him. 
She missed him more than she could express. Even if the future was a black void, she wished to make the present a rainbow for him. Each day she realized how deep love could get. Each day she thought she could not love him more. Then he would flip his hair, or laugh, or say something profound and her fragile heart would fall deeper for him. This is so soulful, Alexa play Maula Mere. 
Love is the real bottomless pit. She realized that soon enough. There was no talk of giving them a name, and yet she felt happily bound to him. Faith without a label, is that true love? She would stop at no art form to express her feelings; but these were only pale imitations of her feelings. 
Now, if only she had a way of telling him.