Using data visualization techniques and Gephi tool to visually analyze Game of Thrones characters and their interactions


It is a well-known fact that Game of Thrones, a series of novels written by George R.R. Martin and its television counterpart, have deeply enticed several fans all over the world. With a plethora of characters and plots, the story is highly intricate and incredibly alluring. …

Using Timeline JS to take a look at noteworthy infographic inventions from the 19th century that we heavily use today


Infographics, a term created by clipping and compounding the words ‘Information’ and ‘Graphics’, are visual or graphic representations of information which allow clear and swift communication. They leverage human beings’ visual system’s ability to identify patterns and trends.

Creating infographics is not a new technique in any way, as the earliest storytellers were the cavemen that lived on the earth forty thousand years ago. These cave dwellers took up their brushes in the form of cave paintings, which told stories…

Various challenges in smart cars and how UX Design helps

Remember the television show of the 80s called Knight Rider? If yes, I’m sure you are picturing the uber-cool black colored Pontiac Firebird with the blinking red lights. The show was a hit, mostly thanks to the futuristic feature-packed beast of a car that assisted its undercover-cop owner in solving crimes. The car could self-drive, follow voice commands, make decisions and so much more. In today’s times, big players like Tesla Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are working strongly to make cars smarter by the day, and we can see the…

How usable is IMDb’s Android app?


IMDb or Internet Movie Database is a popular online database of information related to movies, TV shows, video games, awards, and events. The database comprises of information on production crew and cast, summaries, synopses, reviews and ratings, which millions of registered users consume daily. As per Google Play Store, there are over 100 million users of the app on the Android platform!

Android App by IMDb: Well-designed?

The IMDb Android app’s design language has evolved slowly and has recently adopted Material Design. While some design decisions made across the app are backed by strong logic and can be applauded…

Using Tableau, a popular Data Visualization tool, to analyze defacement crime in NYC through information visualization techniques


When I first came to New York from India in 2017, I noticed several graffitied buildings throughout the city. I had never seen anything quite like that before, and I had several questions racing through my mind — “Who would do this?”, “Why would they want to deface someone’s property?”, “How does the police deal with this situation?”.

A year later, while working on searching for datasets, I came across ‘Encroachments and Defacements’ dataset hosted on ‘NYC OpenData’. …

Sanchit Kumar

UX Designer/Researcher — HFI Certified Usability Analyst, Vice President of UXPA@Pratt, MS Information Experience Design Student, Pratt Institute

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