Why social media is poisonous and an idea for a new platform that is not poisonous

Social media is extremely addictive now days. People are on multiple social media platforms and check each one numerous times every day. The human mind is very curious and social media takes advantage of that by making sure we don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out). The worst part is that the content you see on social media is a facade of what everyone is actually going through.

The type of content you usually see are: accomplishments, milestones, successes, new items and jobs, relationships, etc. What about the failures, losses, breakups, etc? No one wants to post those, because they have a reputation to keep up. Why would anyone publicly post their insecurities rather than things that they are proud of? Every individual’s selfishness adds up to create an insecurity for everyone. It is so easy to feel lonely when one sees everyone’s perfect relationships or perfect friends, or unaccomplished by seeing everyone’s perfect jobs. In reality, none of these are perfect, and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, but that part is not shared on social media. This is poison to the human brain by constantly showing us things that are better than what we have.

But why do people keep using social media? It is optimized to show a lot of information in very little time, so whenever someone has a few minutes, they can’t really do anything else too useful, so why not check social media and get a bunch of information. We also don’t want to be the only person that doesn’t know about something that everyone knows. Also, people are always trying to expand their network because maybe they’ll meet their soulmate or future business partner, and social media is the easiest way to do so. Not using any social media platform for 1 month actually sounds very hard.. it’s a drug that society accepts.


I want a social media platform where it is the exact opposite of what we currently have. Instead of posting all the positive things going on in my life, I can only post challenges I’m going through. How I propose this would work is: People in your network (people you know personally, maybe like 100 people I interact the most with on Facebook, closer I know them, the better, so I get to know what other people I care about are going through) can post something that they are going through anonymously “I feel lonely and can’t meet the right person.” People who agree with that can like or comment on it. The likes and comments are anonymous to everyone else, except the person who posted the original message; that person can see everyone else’s names. The reason why I think this would be interesting is that I don’t think most people want to openly state something they are going through (which is why original poster is anonymous), but other people that can relate will be more open to reveal their identity to only the person who posted to console that person. People are incentivized to use this to vent, because they get to see other real people that they know that are going through the same thing, which makes them feel better. Other people who see something they can relate to, are incentivized to like/comment because they also feel the frustration or have some advice, and they know that the only person that can see who they are, is the person who is keeping their identity hidden and won’t go around telling everyone. I’m in no ways saying this is fool proof, there are many ways this breaks (ex: some people faking problems, just to see who is going through those problems), but maybe something along the lines of this could be interesting.