How many of you believe that India is an Instituted Country? Technically it is, but my belief of a country is something you can generalize and form opinions and arguments. You can establish demographic facts about it and then compare. You have certain characteristics and traits, of which the most acknowledged and recognized ones becomes your identity. You have one liner strengths and weaknesses.

India is one big chaos and we like to call it Masala. We eat masala, we live masala and we watch masala. My point is, India is more like a region, where there is so much population that a separate Europe with exact same Characteristics of any particular European nation can be carved out, for instance, pick out some talented engineers and put them together in Rajasthan and you get Germany, of course discipline, organization and optimization have to be learnt, but it is feasible. Similarly, pull out some bankers and stock brokers from Mumbai finance industry and send them to some North-east state and you get Switzerland.

The country is exploding in terms of the scale of what is happening here. Volumes of tech companies and startups (latest fashionable stuff on your CV) are coming up, Manufacturing industries are producing more stuff that ever, and people are watching YouTube more than ever. The scale of everything happening and doing things in India is phenomenal. There are 40–50 news channels which are pouring news and shit in real-time all over. Politics has a new follow group which are basically a bunch of two kinds of people A) Who actively want to be a part if and change the system B) Who don’t care and just like to make fun in whatever ways possible. Industrialization and Consumerism are touching ceilings and ready to go beyond. People are more aware of fashion and now the range of fashion products and cosmetics is so variable that it cannot be measured.

Amidst this Chaos, you have a spectrum of people. One and half billion population can easily be divided into hundreds of subsets. Literally if you want to do a Venn diagram on kinds of people you can find in India, it can only be done comfortably on an Indian Ocean sized canvas or Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead. The only common factor is India, being Indian. That’s it, “India” and “Indian” are more of Nomenclature labels and not a Definition. Like Perfection and technology can be replaced with Japanese, food and fashion can be with Italy, with manufacturing or Communism it can be China. The whole Tag-adjective system of defining nations doesn’t apply to India. Now some might argue that it is Poverty or Democracy that defines us, or some Dumb American filmmaker/American citizen/ Bimbo might think that Bollywood, Dancing and Tandoor Chicken is all that defines us, but they hardly know and I don’t blame them (I blame Karan Johar). We Celebrate Satya Nadella being CEO of Microsoft or how well Indians are doing in Silicon Valley, but let us remind ourselves that they are of Indian Origin, as in terms of skin colour and ethnicity, and that is all. Not every Indian nods on a response of yes and no like shown on Incredible India commercial.

Generalization of Indian masses based on Opinions like India is a cultural integrity and diversity or Indians are good at math and science and farting is a sense of shallow thinking. Region based stereotypical inferences like Punjabis are flamboyant or every south Indian eats dosa idly are applicable to a majority but does not define them. We are a giant masala and thus it is possible to find best Bengali sweets even in Mumbai. People should refrain from making such Generalizations, especially on Social traits like Baniyas are Kanjoos. Anybody and practically every Indian is a Kanjoos (miser) on some level. We are all flamboyant and Candid like Punjabis on some level. I don’t necessarily have to be from Bihar to be an IAS and not every guy from Chattisgarh is a tribal or Naxalite. India is a super-set of all Cultural, social, regional, industrial traits and hence, one giant Masala.

To sum it up my point is that the Nation Defining Institutionalized Tags Labels and Generalizations based on a certain region, country, race, caste and no longer applicable to India. India is a region where whoever wants to do whatever can do it and is already doing it. Everyone is filthy and a lot of them suffer from OCD. You can only address me as an Indian based on my nationality, but can’t sketch me as a personality unless you know me inside out. And this point is valid for most of the nations, just a little more for us Indians, because we are Masala.

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