I, Racist
John Metta

Excellent articulation of the issue. I can empathize on the point of being an African American man with a favorite white aunt. Although my aunt is not the problem, other members on “that” side of the family are; they are complicit with the situation and take offense to even discussing the issue. THEY become the victims. In a recent attempt to enlighten them, I became the ‘angry black man.’

You are on point in every paragraph, except one which I disagree with: Your attack on the Star Trek franchise (or perhaps just Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan). Maybe I didn’t understand it fully.

I disagree for two reasons:

  1. Star Trek was the first TV franchise to show an interracial kiss, between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols. As a TV franchise, it was revolutionary in bringing together such a diverse group of actors.
  2. It seems you take offense to the White guy, Benedict F*ing Cumberbatch, being the BAD guy (maybe this is the part where I’m mistaken)… Even though ‘Khan Noonien Singh’ on paper indicates a person of east Indian descent, usually it’s the brown-skinned dude who’s the terrorist (or thug). Therefore I have absolutely no issue with the British White guy playing the bad guy. I see it as similar to the original three Star Wars movies, where everyone with a British accent was the bad guy.

I *can* understand you having an issue with a white guy playing a part that is meant for someone of East Indian descent, that makes sense. Ricardo Montalban (the original Khan) wasn’t Indian either. Disney is currently having a ‘major problem’ because they can’t find a (White) person to play the role of Aladdin. Which is bullshit.

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