[Week 2 Talks] Selling and Attention, DNA of Entrepreneurs, Lizard Brain, Financial Sabotage

Amazing talks by: Grant Cardone, Patrick Bet-David, Seth Godin and Tony Robbins.

Out of all the talks I listened to this week, I’ve found 4 gems that I‘d like to share with all of you hustlers out there. (Also would like to recommend the audiobook ‘Sell or be Sold’ which I’m listening to right now)

[47:36] Selling: get the Attention, real Strategies, and your Value proposition

Grant Cardone explains how he faces selling and life. Don’t rely on social media, work your ass off to break from obscurity, don’t try to sell by price instead use your competition’s weakness, close by differentiating objections from complains. These are some of the point Grant explains during the interview.

[23:09] Do you Have what It Takes? DNA of Entrepreneurs

Recommended by Patrick Bet-David himself when asked for 1 talk that is a MUST to have in our library. Here Patrick defies the established rules about work, life and even marriage. Are you wondering if you have what it takes? Then you probably do, hear him out.

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[47:31] Stop your Lizard Brain — Life is Up to You

Seth Godin challenges our mindset to get out of the comfort zone because it’s not actually a safe zone. Don’t wait for others to pick you, they have no power anymore, it’s time to pick yourself.

[51:40] End Financial Self Sabotage

Tony explains how neuro associations towards money can sabotage you moving forward in life and wealth. He goes on providing solutions on how to change what you ‘link to’ financial abundance, creating better associations to replace the old ones.

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