Wikimedia Pre-Hackathon in Prague, 2017

Every year Wikimedia Foundation organizes a hackathon to bring together its contributors from all around the world to improve the technical infrastructure and code base. This year Wikimedia Hackathon (2017) was held in Vienna, Austria.

Along with the main event several European chapters has organized Pre-Hackathons before the main event in Vienna. One of them was held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague pre-hackathon took place from 12th to 16th May, 2017. Although it was officially scheduled to end on 14th May, everybody was excited to work two more days to finish up what they were doing.

It was held in Wikimedia Czech Republic office in the “Svět Hub” co-working space. There were 7 people from various part of the world who came together to attend the hackathon. There were some travel sponsorships given by Wikimedia Czech Republic and accommodation was provided in a nice cozy villa house, just 10 minutes away from the Wikimedia Czech Republic office.

The main purpose of the pre-hackathon is to improve the Wikimedia Commons Android app. Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips).

Wikimedia Commons Android App is a community maintained app which allows users to upload images, right from your mobile phone.

The source code for the project can be found below.

For more information visit the following link.

This is the summary of the features and bug fixes we completed at the hackathon.

  1. Add a map view to near by feature
  2. Add extra information to the image detail view
  3. Improve user interface adding a navigation drawer
  4. Add a logout feature
  5. Add the ability to limit the showing uploads
  6. Tidying up the “About Screen”
  7. Add more space for labels in nearby list view
  8. Add two factor authentication (nearly done)

Read this awesome blog post by Adam to know about these features in detail.

Tired of reading? here is a fantastic video made by John from Wikimedia UK, summarizing what we did at the hackathon.

We also had a SPARQL workshop by Tobias and an introductory session by Wikimedia Statistics team. If you are interested in trying some SPARQL with Wikidata, use the following link.

Not familiar with SPARQL? Have a look at this to get an idea how powerful SPARQL is.

Apart from my luggage being delayed and stolen at the end, everything went smoothly from my arrival to Prague by air to departure to Vienna by Train. Wikimedia Czech Republic did an awesome job in organizing the hackathon and taking care of all the logistics. Thank you very much Vojtěch Dostál, Jan Groh, Petra Pejšová and all the others who helped them to run this hackathon without any problem.

We also had a guided tour to the Prague Castle by Jan on one evening. Here are some photos from the excursion.

City View from Prague Castle
Prague Castle from the City

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