From Chatbots to Star Trek
Howard Rees

Lots of interesting thoughts here and we clearly have some conundrums to solve as a species hoping to make it anywhere near type II.

Globalization vs Tribalism seems to be a key thorn in our side in building this kind of utopia. We are (perhaps rightly given the external threats we’ve faced) a very fearful species. We’re also a species that doesn’t understand itself very well. Building the kind of trust you’re talking about seems awfully difficult at some fundamental level and we’re seeing that play out right now in the politics of Europe & the US (and probably further afield but I am less familiar with eastern politics).

There is also a feeling in me that says that mankind is not ready for a life of leisure. We often work & play to anaesthetise ourselves from the horror of the fundamental meaninglessness of life & existence. Even the goal to explore… what do you do once you have explored? If you look at the rates of addiction (of all kinds) across the population you have to wonder if anyone wants to be sober. Infinite leisure time could be a great burden.

So I guess that while I see the technological arguments for utopia and, in my own small way, I advance its cause I do think that, as a species, we’re uniquely misadapted to reach or survive it.