Why Minnesota’s fourth congressional district needs a competitive Primary to challenge Betty McCollum. A letter to the people of Minnesota by David Sandbeck.

Minnesota residents in the 4th congressional district have not had the benefits of a competitive Primary for twenty years now. Our district is a democratic stronghold, so it's the only real competition we get.

The unchecked drone program started under Bush, expanded under Obama, and continues under Trump is illegal, and creating more enemies faster then people we kill.

Over 90% of the people we kill are just people in the wrong place at the wrong time, and not the intended target. Also the intended target can be a person who has simply been in proximity to someone who is an actual bad guy.

So if you attend a funeral, and so does the bad guy, You can be targeted and killed. This has happened repeatedly.

Children gathering wood, killed. The community holds a funeral and the procession is targeted and killed. Bad guys go to the hospital, and we blow up the hospital.

This is done under the legal description that they are "prepping the battlefield". So we created a very dangerous precedent for the next major power, we are going to have to deal with. We have turned the entire globe into a battlefield because we kill people engaged in civilian life far away from any active battlefield.

We also do this with targeted raids at night. In short we are engaged in state sponsored terrorism. Our Congress is not doing its job providing oversight of our wars, which have largely not been authorized by Congress and the funds allotted are not audited. This is over half of our discretionary budget!

Minnesota's 4th congressional district is represented by Betty McCollum, a ranking member of the defense appropriations committee. She isn't opposed to any of this illegal state sponsored terrorism, she isn't providing effective oversight of the war machine. She instead takes large political contributions from the military industrial complex, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon to name a few. It's a conflict of interest.

General Dynamics has operations in Bloomington Minnesota! They also profit from mass incarceration and the detained refugees liberals say that they care about. But don't care about their representatives benefiting from this human suffering. Maybe they don't know?

In the middle of a pandemic that has exposed our health insurance system as ineffective. Most of our Minnesota federal representatives including Betty are opposed to Medicare for all. They instead defend our homicidal health crime syndicates that operate with a perverted incentive to deny your access to care!

All this and more should expose the need for public financing of elections so we are better represented.

Instead we have taxation without representation because our Congress largely advances the agenda of the Plutocracy, the donor class, and the military industrial complex. Not the interests of the voters completely revealed by the recent heists, the largest transfers of wealth to the 1% in these pelosi schemes called the Care Act and now the Hero Act that bail out lobbyist firms!

Minnesota has a chance to send a fearless fighter for democracy, justice, and the common people. Instead of someone who’s career can be summarized as the "Quiet accumulation of power". I will speak truth to power.

I'm running against the power elite that Joe Biden represents. The people he promised, "nothing would change".

I’m not running against any one person, but against the failed neoliberalism. The neoliberal agenda Biden embodies, regime change, deregulation, mass incarceration, gutting the social safety net ext.

I am running for the future of the Democratic Party.

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David Sandbeck


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