It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… (why mobile retail apps are essential for a successful holiday sales season)

It may only be August, but August 1st represented 146 days until Christmas and fewer than that to Back-to-School and Black Friday events. As consumers ramp up their spending habits, it’s more important than ever to deliver the best omnichannel experience to your customers possible. SandBox Commerce believes that the statistics from the past few years paint a story which shows that mobile is becoming an increasingly relevant and necessary component of a retailer’s holiday sales strategy if they’re looking to increase revenue and sales. SandBox Commerce is the easiest way for companies looking to take advantage of this holiday revenue to get a mobile solution implemented in time.

Mobile and eCommerce

Let’s start with the basics of how mobile is stacking up against eCommerce:

IR 2016 Mobile 500 Guide — Mobile is growing

Mobile is showing substantial year over year growth and is becoming a major portion of eCommerce sales.

mCommerce is $320 billion opportunity in 2017

So with the percentage of mobile commerce sales growing in leaps and bounds against eCommerce sales as a whole, there is a lot of money on the table for retailers. Yet, what’s interesting about this statistic is that only 2% of retailers have a mobile app. SandBox Commerce’s mission is to democratize access to this market opportunity by making it easy for all retailers to build, deploy and manage amazing mobile commerce application experiences for their customers.

Why is mobile commerce growth so explosive? Retailers’ customers are asking for it.

Mobile Drives Opportunity

As you can see applications are dominating mobile websites for retailers in terms of engagement. Consumers find it easier to look for directions, receive messaging from brands, check-in to locations, and perform other functions while using a retailers’ mobile app.

Consumers want convenience, security, simplicity and native functionality available via mobile in their shopping experiences.

Reasons why Consumers want Apps

mCommerce for the Retail Holiday Season

The story for mobile and retail is even more compelling during the holiday season. Here’s a few stats that shed light on this mobile growth during the holiday season:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday from 2014–2015 show a compelling story of growth — Localytics gives us an excellent look at what smartphone sales meant for Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year, “Each year since smartphones arrived, a bigger piece of this pie has been going to mobile — and in 2015, 57.2% of online Black Friday traffic came from mobile devices, outpacing desktop by about 13–14%, That’s a 174% rise in mobile usage on Black Friday from 2014, and on Cyber Monday 2015, mobile drove 49% of web traffic and 28% of sales to the tune of $514 million.”

75% of holiday shoppers will use mobile in some form or fashion during for their holiday shopping:

Think With Google — Mobile Retail Holiday Shopping

Your customers will be using mobile in a variety of ways to accomplish their holiday shopping needs!

Smartphones are Used Widely During Holiday Shopping

How do I get a mobile solution in time for the holidays? Isn’t it too late?

The short answer: no. SandBox Commerce’s platform can help you build an enterprise retail app that integrates with your current eCommerce platform in less than a week. This will give you plenty of time to market and promote your app in order to take advantage of that money you would normally be leaving on the table. You do not need a developer, you do not need a significant resource expense, AND the SandBox Commerce team has over 30 years of retail mobile experience under our belts to help guide your mobile strategy. Trust the mCommerce experts and get your mobile app launched today in time for the holiday season!

Ryan C. Smith

Head of Product — SandBox Commerce