Quality over Quantity OR More is Better

The Retailers Conundrum

Of the two above, I say Quality over Quantity trumps More is Better but don’t get me wrong I’ve fallen under the spell of More is Better on more than a few occasions. In looking at the retail industry there are no shortages of examples where retailers opted for more is better only to wake up when the buzz wore off to realize the initial party was not worth the price of the hangover.

A few scenarios that come to mind:

  • Retailers racing to expand their footprint only to shutter stores or roll out smaller storefronts
  • Retailers rushing to expand their brands to non adjacent categories only to end up discontinuing these lines at a loss
  • Retailers throwing money at acquiring Facebook likes only to discover that more likes did not equate to more sales

As more retailers embrace “mobile first”, their mobile application strategies are falling prey to the more is better mantra once again. Retailers are launching apps and racing to get as many downloads as fast as possible. Retailers must wake up and realize that it takes more than a download to make an app successful. Focus on the quality of a download vs. the number of downloads. To monitor the health of your app look beyond the number of installs and focus on:

  • Monthly/Daily Active Users
  • Geo Metrics — who are your users and where are they coming from
  • Session Length — time spent within the app
  • Session Interval — # of time from 1st session to next
  • Retention — # of repeat visits
  • Uninstalls
  • Downloads (it is human nature to track them but don’t make them the defining metric of success!)
  • Sales generated via mobile app vs mobile browser

At SandBox Commerce we take quality over quantity to heart because we only make money when our partners make money via their native retail apps.

Written By: @EDunigan

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