Show your Customers you Care — Upgrade your Shopping Experience with Apps

The National Retail Federation Conference ended with buzz worthy topics that consumers have been itching to see in mainstream retail experiences. We have covered some of those topics in this article so we can share with you the best way for retailers to upgrade their user experience for shoppers.

The three takeaways to implement into your 2017 brand strategy include catering to customer recommendations, investing in a cause, and uncovering technology advantages internally. We already knew technology adoptions within the retail industry and use of applications was growing exponentially through online sales and interactions. However, NRF17 has incorporated an emotional push to retailers this year. 54% of retail transactions occur through apps, but converting online shoppers to purchasing has always been a struggle until now. Use these three tips to enhance your user experience for shoppers today!

Cater marketing efforts to the response

The response is a company’s effort to provide the best recommendations platform. Companies must give customers a proper soundboard to share comments and suggestions in order to properly share and search for product/brand information. PWC’s Total Retail Survey found that for 67% of shoppers either reading or writing social media reviews and comments influenced their online shopping behavior. Brick and mortar retailers can enhance in-store experiences by simply listening to their reviews. After gathering information from recommendations, the next step would be to develop a marketing strategy upholding customer suggestions. The comment and reviews section will begin to act as a living platform that holds vital information to enhance a customer’s experience within every visit.

Experiences over possessions

Customers are defining themselves less by how many things they own and more by how curated their lives are in terms of possessions and experiences. This year in 2017 is about the resurgence of rebirth and renewal. Pantone illustrates how their 2017 Greenery color will portray the expansion of consciousness in society. Even fast-fashion companies are beginning to unfold their versions for cultural awareness within the shopping experience. For example, H&M’s Conscious campaign accepted worn clothes in exchange for customer item discounts. Advice for brick and mortars includes getting involved and sharing how they make a difference in their community and/or strategically express societal passions. For example, if you’re a company that loves dogs, then Austin, Texas, is the best city to share this love. These interactive ideas and experiences will keep your audience engaged for a higher return on loyal customer rates and social media buzz presence.

Why technology is fundamental

Finally, this part isn’t new. We’ve been stressing this key component throughout our posts. Technology in retail bridges the gap for customers in and out of your store. Customers see retail apps and social media recommendations as a convenience play. Technology keeps customers connected with a brand, thus continuing the vital symbiosis needed for brick and mortars to survive in the online environment.

A wise customer experience guru once said a brand is a reason to believe and a story is a reason to buy. When you create new experiences for customers, be sure to make them part of the story and create platforms for dialogue.

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Sammantha J.

Emerging Technology Writer — SandBox Commerce

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