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I don’t know. I have been asking myself this question many times but I still can’t figure out an answer. Where is my home? I’m from Egypt, I decided to relocate and start building a new life and career outside Egypt for many reasons. I thought that once I relocate to any new country I’ll be able to call it home. I thought that it will be easy. But until now, I still don’t feel it. I live now in Berlin. It’s a very nice and vibrant city. I have no major problems so far, but I still can’t feel that I can call it home. I lived before in Dubai and also I was not able to call it home. And surprisingly, I can’t even consider Egypt as my home. So, where is my home? I don’t belong to the Egyptian society. I hate most of the traditions and rules created by Egyptian people over years. I hate their daily routine. I hate their way of thinking. I hate how judgmental they are, and I don’t see that I’ll able to live within the Egyptian society anymore. But at the same time, I don’t also belong to the German society. I’m trying to fit in. Many things are different. For example, most of the activities done inside the Germany society are related to partying and drinking, but simply, I don’t like that. Maybe because of how I was raised, but also I believe that too much partying and drinking is not something good for my health, my money and my time. When I arrived in Berlin and started introducing myself to people, there was something common with their reaction and their way of talking and dealing with me. Something that implicitly stated that because I come from an Arabic background and because I’m Muslim, I’ll see everything in a different way. Like a child who is exploring a new world of wonders. Like someone who is witnessing the concept of a modern country for the first time. But it’s not. Yes, I come from Egypt but that does not mean that it’s my first time to see clean streets, nice buildings, and a subway! Being from Egypt does not mean that lived in a tent and I used to ride camels. I lived also in Dubai, in a community of expats and it’s not my first time to be working and living with people from all over the world. The most surprising thing for me was that some people expected that because I’m Arabic and Muslim, then I don’t watch movies, listen to Music, have a Netflix account, or own a PS4 and play games!. Most people were very cautious and a little bit intimidated by the stereotyped image that they know about Arabic and Muslim people, which is something that puts a huge pressure on anyone who has just arrived and who wants to start building a new life in a new country that one day he may call it his home. It’s very confusing to be in between of everything. To be in a limbo, where you can’t feel that you belong somewhere. I think the last year was the hardest for me trying to figure out where do I belong. And I believe that it will take some more time to find an answer to this question.