The Aspirants

In the narrow streets of Satyaniketan, one could see barrage of sign boards of coaching institutes. The Mecca of MBA coaching institutes in South campus of Delhi University. With unlimited folded dreams, lacs of students came to join the coaching institutes in hope to make it big. You name the city and you could find one from there. Reigning from different backgrounds, the common thing among aspirants were the dream to crack the CAT or bell the cat. One could easily spark a horrendous debate by just mentioning the name of IIMs, MDI, XLRI or FMS. Though students were having limited means to live but they were not deprived of abundance of suggestions, peer consultancy. The discussion around the current topic, the book to read for CAT comprehension, quant puzzles could be stretched for hours without reaching to any conclusion. Just getting enrolled in a coaching institutes was enough to make any aspirants to talk and behave like a future CEO of a MNC. Even few of them started wearing formal clothes to get into the future role.

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