Why we are becoming western cultural slaves?

Now days there is a culture booming up in India, English-speaking.

People who are good in speaking english think they are more imtelligent than other people.

But openly said they are much more narrow minded than other people. These guys need to understand that english is just a language , not intelligence.

In a healthy conversion , someone told me that Indians are getting attracted towards western culture because for last 200 years . India was a british colony.

So british was the master for last 200 years and dominated India in every field like Technology, Power , Strategy. So slaves are more likely to adopt the master’s culture.

But didn’t these Indians see that India got their freedom in 1947.

Yes , These Indians feel all this freedom whenever they critise non english speaking Indians for not speaking English. But what they don’t see is that They are still western cultural slaves. They are not criticising others but their own dignity. Their very own existance.

Someone to me : BC tune bhi to english mai post likhi or wo bhi BC itni sari grammar galtiyan. ( Dear , Why you wrote this post in English? and You made a lot of gramatical mistakes in this post).

Me : BC Ab unko Hindi post dikhegi to waise hi pasand nahi ayegi . Pele ek baar padhne to de. Or grammar isliye kharab hai kyunki meri native language Hindi hai naki Angrezi.