Wearable AC-Heater is The Best Travel Gadget this Year

November 21, 2016

Have you ever faced problem due to weather while traveling?? Weather is a constraint which can make or break our travel experience. It’s not that easy to get habituated to any condition suddenly which is out of one’s ideal comfort zone. If you are informed that there is a solution to this problem. Will you be surprised ?? yes there’s a solution “wearable AC/heating device” which has been brought out by a company


Weather can be a major displeasure at times and also it has a bad effect on your health. When the weather is too hot, you would have observed that you get a lot of negative feelings like anxiety and confusion it affects you physically too like heat stroke, hypotension, impaired sweating, and listlessness. on the other hand when we talk about cold. Excessive cold climate can lead to hypothermia, hallucinations, numbness and uncontrolled shaking. But with the wearable travel gadget you will be helping yourself to a lot extent in coping with the climate around you. THE WEARABLE TRAVEL GADGET FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

If you are frustrated of the weather problem. Then it’s time for introducing yourself to the G2T-N2 wearable travel gadget. G2T-N2 is an cozy, convenient and it can be used easily. You just need to wrap it around your neck and it will keep you both comfortable as well as connected. You can leverage the advantage of the gadget by connecting yourself via bluetooth 4.0 plus coatable, meaning it pairs with an iOS or Android device. With this setup you can travel around making hand free phone calls, get GPS directions, streaming audio and have a speaker source for watching videos. All of this while helping to save the environment and your .


Money is the major concern for all of us. We become too sensitive while making the purchases. So, when we look at a survey, it states that the average homeowner spends more that $ 300 per month on various heating and cooling elements. That’s just a waste of money and waste of precious environment resources. But with G2T-N2 users will be able to save huge bucks which is convenient to all as well as it provides a simple and easy life.

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