What is the Future Evolution of M-Commerce?

November 14, 2016

Mobile phones have become first preference of people when it comes to primary source for information. The latest report by Mary Meeker’s on Internet Trend, the average they use mobile is 150 times per day. If we go through the statistic, we can see that how the dependency of people is inclined towards mobile phone.

The increased smartphone usage marks a great prospect to the evolution of M-commerce. The future of M-commerce is already on its peak, more and more industry, brands, small distributors, agents and etc is paving their online presence to attracts traffic on large scale. Whether it’s healthcare industry, Shopping arena, travel industry, real estate industry and so on, people are using mobile phone to make enquiry or avail the services.

M-commerce Trend to Look Upon:

Now a days, retailers are more focused to incorporate mobile as an effective platform to connect customers. However, you need to understand following trend to have a hold on, on your business to attract customers.

It’s really important for a business to understand m-commerce and relates its task with modern approach. Look for the trend that people are satisfied to opt.

Make full and specific m-commerce technologies that will provide user experience.

Explore the future trends that will have impact on mCommerce

Lets Calculate the Scenario on Stats:

Multi-billion dollar companies are making active on mobile apps only, as customers are making purchases through mobile phones. As per the latest report by the investment bank, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., the global M-commerce sales is expected to touch an amazing $626 billion in 2018. India’s eCommerce market is predicted to breach the $100-billion mark by FY20, bolstered by a tremendous rise in internet usage, discounting and huge investment by online retailers, says the report. With the massive growth in m-commerce across the globe, online retailers are more focused towards providing a convenient m-commerce experience for customers.


With the above discussed, you can how promising is M-commerce in the future. The easy approach involved has given out an easy platform for all buyers and seller to extract better deal that is profitable. In future, the interface of technology will show some other exciting trend, may be more user-friendly and simplified.

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