Which are the best NGO in Mumbai to work as a volunteer?

Mumbai, the financial capital of India is also one of the most sought-after hubs for migrants from poorer regions to find work and a better life. It is no surprise that this city sees high rates of child abuse, neglect and exploitation because traffickers bring children to meet huge industrial as well as ‘domestic help’ demand. The city’s fast pace is cruel to its homeless children, necessitating the intervention of intervention of civil society. NGOs provide education, access to essential services, and hope to these children. You too can volunteer at any NGO in Mumbai for children, helping them address different aspects of their life journey.

1. Junoon Foundation

Residents of Thane’s Wada village run ‘Junoon Foundation’, which provides Mumbai’s street children and poor with access to education books, and extracurricular activities. The NGO also organises tree plantation drives and book collection drives. Donated books are given to school children, and the NGO also works with local schools to read out educational material from books. Children are taught to make and use scientific toys. The NGO also organises cultural activities.

2. Save the Children

Save the Children is a global leader and pioneer in the field of child rights. The UK-based NGO’s founder Eglantyne Jebb’s formative work formed the blueprint for the UNCRC. The NGO today works with government bodies to execute a 3Ps (Prevention, Protection, Prosecution) strategy. They execute a pan-India strategy that empowers children with education, job skills, and grassroots activism, freeing them from bonded labour with programs across villages and slums. The organisation has withdrawn tens of thousands children from domestic help in 2015, instead navigating them to education and training opportunities for a dignified employment free of exploitation. In times of crisis like calamities, it swiftly provides aid and rehabilitation.

3. Make a Difference (MAD)

Via a well-guided network of 4400 volunteers across 23 cities, NGO Make A Difference (MAD) provides access to mentoring and education for street children. Irrespective of their circumstances, The NGO focuses on navigating them to better lives and also freeing them from exploitation. This is achieved through long-term, closely monitored programs executed by youth volunteers. Volunteers are recruited, trained, mentored and made accountable for the communities where they work in. For their achievements in bringing about measurable change, these volunteers are recognised.

4. Child Rights and You (CRY)

38-year-old NGO Child Rights and You (CRY) works for child rights by giving grassroots NGOs and civil society influencers avenues for social transformation. The NGO works in the fields of advocacy, mobilising public opinion and achieving necessary policy change through rural, urban and tribal area projects. CRY has based its blueprint on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). it works to provide rights to street children, bonded child labour, children of commercial sex workers, and special needs children. CRY disburses crores to over 120 Indian organisations, serving as a critical bridge between resource providers and field-workers.

5. Door Step School

Founded in 1988, NGO ‘Door Step School’ address illiteracy for slum children and those living on the city’s pavements. Education is made accessible for the underprivileged and labour class families who cannot afford books or education. Their children, who may be forced to drop out of school to support their families as labourers, get a new lease of life. As the name suggests, the NGO brings education to the doorsteps of these children at their convenience, across Mumbai and Pune.


Your experience as an volunteer will open career possibilities in the social sector, and you will be able to apply for job vacancies in NGO sector. Save the Children, a global leader in child rights has established a unified approach to child rights, addressing all issues where a child’s right to education, essential services, and even life itself are infringed upon. They work closely with a galaxy of diverse NGOs and participate as united coalitions of civil society organisation, to push for better child rights legislation and implementation. The NGO has close relations with police, government officials, bureaucrats, social activists and the media to communicate messages of justice for every child.