Very low levels of abstraction can inhibit and delay innovation

The first time I looked at TensorFlow, it reminded me of assembly language or perhaps Fortran!
Even though these languages are powerful, due to their low abstraction level, they are also extremely tedious to program and accomplish even small tasks. This lack of abstraction can pose many challenges and barriers to rapid innovation.

The level of abstraction matters

If researchers and developers today were to write FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms) algorithms in Fortran and not use a software package such as Matlab , Mathematica or Octave: DSP chips (digital signal processors) would not be able to translate even simple words, let alone, paragraphs and music. …

The phrase ‘Democratizing Machine Learning’ is being used by many companies small and large, including us @INZONE.AI and in this article.

de·moc·ra·tize — democratizing:

— introduce a democratic system or democratic principles to.
“public institutions need to be democratized”

— make (something) accessible to everyone.
“mass production has not democratized fashion”

In the context of this article, the second definition is more fitting than the first.

Every company may have a different notion of what they mean by Democratizing Machine Learning and AI.

To make a figurative analogy: A democratic government may give its people the right to vote, but perhaps the voting ballots are hard to decipher.
Such a country would still be a democracy in principle, but in practice this would be a democracy that doesn’t serve all its constituents well. …

“@John, please ping me your location and status, when you are about to have a heart attack:
i.e. when your blood pressure is higher than 150/90 , and your heart rate is above 145 , and your Oxygen saturation is below 90% and your LDL has been above 210 for the past month, and if your platelets are clumped together”
Repeat: Forever

With the rapid proliferation of cost effective sensors on mobile/wearable devices, and the recent advances in machine learning, it is only a matter of time before our devices are able to respond meaningfully to such a request. We can imagine a wearable device in the near future, that has all the sensors required to measure the parameters to predict John’s impending heart attack. …


sandeep srinivasan

Entrepreneur — Founder+CEO Passionate about making ML/RL easy and accessible to many. Founder of 4 companies, ex-Cadence, ex-AMD

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