Should you consider taking anti-depressants or mood elevators during the COVID19 pandemic

Sandeep Adnani
2 min readMay 11, 2020


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You might be overwhelmed during this time and not able to manage your sleep, stress levels or relationships. This might lead you to consider anti-depressants or mood elevators. Before you consult with your doctor to start any medication, please consider the following:

  1. What are you doing differently at this time? If we don’t change the action or thought, we cannot expect a different result. Observe your thoughts, patterns and actions and adjust them to get new results that serve you well.
  2. Exercise, diet, mindfulness, challenging negative self talk and the amount of negative media you consume will all impact your mental health. Assess what needs to be eliminated, limited, increased and included to help increase your resilience and make you healthier.
  3. Talk to a friend, we are all going through an unknown and highly unpredictable time. Social distancing doesn’t mean that friendships cannot be maintained virtually or on the phone. SHARE HOW YOU FEEL!
  4. Seek professional help where a counsellor or psychologist can hear you out and work with appropriate modalities for your issues and concerns.
  5. Natural remedies are aplenty. Please research carefully and take medical advise before beginning anything based on your pre-existing conditions, body type etc.
  6. Medications are always there as a last resort but try everything before you feel they are the only option for you.

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