IU Safe

Design and prototyping of a mobile application to help students in an emergency situation. Work undertaken while studying at Indiana University.






Design Process

Artifacts and Findings

1. Emergency Call Booth
2.Internal Setup of Campus Police Car 3.Internal Setup of Control Center

Field Observations / Stakeholder’s Interview

Key findings

Problem Space Exploration

Exploring Problem Space

User Archetypes

Student Persona
IU Patrol Officer Persona


Crazy Idea Compilation

IDEAS Picked for further exploration

Storyboarding solutions

Storyboard Location Tracking App
Storyboard Wearable Solution

Problem Synthesis

Design Solution

How does it works?

Workflow of Envisioned Solution

Low Fidelity Prototype

Low Fidelity Prototype with Balsamiq

Improvement through successive iteration

High Fidelity Prototype



Product Designer at Facebook | http://sandeepjagtap.com

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