How to hide your responses from your profile page.
Angel Leon

Thanks for trying to find a way.

Medium should definitely provide better privacy control here. All our responses and claps are available publicly that can be aggregated by some entity that would like to do that. For example, election campaigns can use this public information to target ads or profile users.

I am surprised this has not been dealt yet. They should learn from Facebook who had to significantly improve on privacy after some bad PR. They have done a good job since then. But this is even worse than Facebook privacy issues of yesteryears. In FB’s case better privacy was needed on several fronts, but they at least had simple options that allowed you to chose to post to friends, public, friend of friends, etc. Your data was not public by default for anyone to mine.

Edit: On further thought, I think even if medium provides a way to not list our comments & claps on the profile, they can still be mined by mining all of posts. As far software is concerned, the later is a bit harder, but still easy enough to do. So I guess, the best way to avoid this issue is to not use my real name here? What do you think? I do understand that my concerns are slightly different from author’s original problem about the annoyance of responses being listed first instead of the actual posts. May be I will refine this and write this in an actual post instead of a response here. I am fairly new to medium so excuse me if I am misunderstanding things.

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