The 3 types of People

I have always admired all the Hindu mythological stories that I have read and heard.

Every one has their own way of dealing with villainish circumstances or foes and let me talk about 3 specific categories amongst them.

A person belonging to the first category, withstands all the pain when caused and does nothing in return.This person does not speak a word until every thing reaches a threshold and touching it might take some pretty long time but when the threshold is reached, all it takes for this person is to deploy a tailor-made strategy to curb all the problems and destroy all the foes. And such strategy would be Juggernaut.

Second type of person, when a foe tries to irritate or any circumstances that tries to pose a problem, takes immediate action and mitigates all of it then and there, once and for all and puts check to the foe ASAP.

This person who belongs to the third category, is a great great manipulator. Even if this person suspects that there is going to be some situation, he can manipulate things to move according to him. This person can create a hero or a villain. Such is his manipulation and all this goes so smooth that often people cannot even recognise such a person and such a thing is happening.

Now, coming back to where I have started, Hindu mythologies talk about many stories and many issues. It also talks about many protagonists and 3 among them are Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva.

Lord Shiva consuming poison

It is said that Lord Shiva has a speculative invisible eye, which if opened could destroy anything and everything if he wishes. Also known as Neel Kant, man with blue neck, caused from consuming poison that could have potentially destred the universe. When ever some evil tries to overtake things, it is said that Lord Shiva would open his third eye to destroy the evil when the evil causes problem beyond certain point. Here the attribute Neel Kant of Shiva refers to the first person taking and withstanding all the pain silently until some threshold is reached. But when it is crossed, he would open his third eye, an action of fury, that is, the first person deploying a strategy to end the painful circumstance and ending the game of the foe.

10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu. 10th avatar is yet to be assumed.

Talking about Lord Vishanu, he has appeared in 9 avatars till date. This is the second type of person we are talking about, who takes care and puts a check-point to the evil when ever possible. As in this case, Lord Vishnu has taken different avatars when ever needed. Here avatar is the the metaphor of the second playing the attack mode as and when such situation arises.

Lord Bramha

Lord Bramha, belonging to the third category, that I would like to mention about. Daily job of Lord Bramha, as per puranas, is to create lives and to pre-define the creature’s life till last breath. The metaphor here is that the 3rd category person can recreate life of a person by manipulation and driving them to a new destination in life. The good or the bad depends on the motive behind the manipulation.

This is just my interpretation of Hindu Puranas. While learning Puranas of mythological stories, if treated and read as is, they can help you in understanding spirituality, but when one start interpreting them and converting as metaphors, as I did in my case, they can explain you life and the principles upon which it is based on.

And I beleive that, when tried intrepreting the Purans, they have lot much to offer :)