This is why I am not Proud to be an Indian.

Let me tell you first that I am a Proud Indian.

But when I come to know about this incident,

I doubt whether I should be proud about being an Indian or not.

Here in India, where ,

We are supposed to be proud Democratic Republic,

We are supposed to provide equal opportunities to all of it’s citizens.

We are supposed to provide right to justice to all of it’s citizens.

But we are not doing it what exactly it is supposed to do.

Let me tell you about one incident.

Once upon a time , there lived a teenage boy in a small village in Maharashtra’s, Ahmednagar District, his name was Nitin Aage, he belong to Scheduled Caste, and he was so poor that he had to work part time to manage his expenses while doing college. He was so hardworking. He always to tell his mom that one day he will earn so much of money that all of their problems will be vanished.

But unfortunately, the boy did not have opportunity to live that much, because he fall in love with an upper caste girl, he was killed by some people because they suspect he was having an affair with their daughter. These people are from some upper caste. They thought it was an insult to them because he was having an affair with their daughter.

He was killed brutally, they tied his hand with wires, they put iron rods in his back, & they killed him, and to show and that he commit suicide they hang him to the nearby tree.

There were a huge media coverage when this incident took place on April 30, 2014. And so many people gathered together to protest against this brutal killing.

After 3 years of court trial in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, the court acquitted all the 9 accused in the murder of this 17 year old boy.

This all accused belongs to an upper caste Hindu family.

The court says they don’t have any strong evidences against these people so they release them.

These are people from the major caste community in Maharashtra.

No one bat’s an eye when the judgement of releasing these people comes.

No one cares to punish the accused.

& I don’t know why?

Let me tell you another true incident from Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra’s Ahemednagar Districts in Kopardi Village, A 14 year girl was brutally raped and killed. This was so heinous and inhuman act done by some wicked people. The police captured all the accused in this case. This case was so big issue to the security of girls in Maharashtra’s villages irrespective of their caste and religion. As expected all the accused were sentenced death by the Honorable court. These kind of criminals should be hanged till death so, no one will ever think about doing these kind of crime. Some precautionary steps should also be taken to avoid this kind of incidents in the village area.

The justice has been given to the victim, and the court of law done their job in this case good.

Lets now look at some of the reasons which might affect the courts judgement.

The victim in the Kopardi Rape Case belongs to Maharashtra’s Politically dominant caste Maratha. Lakh’s of people gathered in all over Maharashtra to held a protest March against this crime, and demanded death penalty to all the involved accused. Let us not discuss the caste of the accused here, they are all criminals , they should be hang till death, that’s it.

Ohhh, that was huge crowd.

All the Maratha people celebrated when the courts judgement comes in this case.

Even I celebrated, I love it, when justice belong to the one who deserve it.

But what about justice to Nitin Aage’s case.

According the honorable court, all the accused who were arrested and then released did not killed Nitin.

Then we should find out

  • Who killed Nitin?
  • Who hang him to the Tree?
  • Who put iron rod in his back?

After all he was also an Indian national, he was a young energetic man, who was the only hope for his poor parents.

Even though he was killed very brutally and all these accused were released from the court, no one wants to talk about this issues. this may be because he was not from any dominant caste group, not from politically powerful group, neither his parents were rich.

I know all this facts, & I understand.

But let me remind you all, that we are living in democratic India.

This country supposed to provide equal rights to all its citizens.

Then why did Nitin Aage did not get Justice?

Why his killers are still outside roaming freely?

We need to find out the answers for these questions, We need to ask ourselves, Why this is still happening in the independent India.

If Nitin Aage case did not get justice,

Then unfortunately I have to say that we don’t have to be right to get justice in India.

We need to be rich,

We need to be powerful &

We need to be from dominant caste group

To get justice here.

I hope in Nitin Aage’s case the Maharashtra Government will intervene and will help to get justice to his poor parents who were still hoping that there dead son will get the justice.

And let us not discuss the caste of all the 9 accused people who were the prime suspects of Killing Nitin Aage, because as I already said criminals are criminals , they don’t have caste, and if found guilty they should be hanged till death.