An Unknown Writer : Starting the Journey

Hello friends,
It’s not an ordinary day. it’s different from all those previous days in my life. Today was Sunday and I woke up early. there was something in my mind which was not allowing me to sleep the whole night. No, it’s not some kind of weirdo stuff. It’s just excitement cause yesterday night I decided to start writing from tomorrow and now it’s today.
So I woke up and start writing but wait …..
time I started writing but completely clueless cause I know I am going to write but why and what I am going to write I don’t know and then suddenly one question strike in my mind who gives you this authority to write means there are so many writers in the world So why am I going to write and even if I write what am I going to write ? 
My pen was stuck and I was completely in my mind game. my mind didn’t allow me to write and started to ask questions to myself why am I going to write? who give me this authority to write? and the most important what I am going to write? 
Now there was a battle in my mind b/w mind with myself.
My mind started to talk to me like well Sandeep you want to write cool but why? and how ? you are not a writer, you don’t have any degree in writing you never write before and you are not imaginative, creative or some kind of philosopher to be a writer. you are just a minimal personal for survival so just do your job and survive.
you’re not the perfect fit for this writing things.
and now myself annoyed and ask a question from my mind if I am not the perfect fit for writing . is there anything for which I am a perfect fit or maybe fit in any good percentage?
and the mind goes into analysis mode it’s started to give me goosebumps. 
I’ve completed my graduation six months ago. I was confident in myself before completing my graduation and now I am totally clueless I don’t know what I am going to do with my life. No, I’m not out of track or not knowing anything about my field of software engineering. I already work for an IT company as an Intern software developer and this is not the job I want to do for my whole life. so after completing my degree, I explored few days in other industry and then again started working as a software developer. But this is not the thing I want to do for my whole life and then I started to think what gives me happiness and what are the moments I’m truly happy with myself. I found it’s only the time when I write in my journal. It’s the most beautiful time when I share my life moments with my dairy. he just listens to everything without any questioning and gives me inspiration and motivation. he catches all my favorite moments either it’s sad or either it’s happy. it’s collection of my personal experience.
So I found my reason to start my writing cause I love to write it gives me inspiration and motivation for life.
If I start to write from today in some near future I am sure I’ll find out what I am going to write.

Friends this is it just a little about why I am going to start writing and yes a little intro from an unknown writer who just starts his journey.

I am Sandeep Maity and I live in Jaipur.
Software Developer by Profession, Writer by choice.
Dreamer | Learner | Reader
In love with writing, reading, and exploring

So friends wish me a happy journey for this writing which I chose from my heart.