If you are looking to deploy your Django app for free! Heroku is a free and easy platform to deploy your Django app. Heroku is a good platform especially for the students who want to make their projects live freely. In this article, we will learn to deploy the Django app on Heroku. You have to just follow a few steps.

Create App on Heroku

Go to your Heroku dashboard and create an app there. Set remote to your local git repo or you may also connect repo through Github. Now, add an addon database. I’ll suggest to use “Heroku…

Ohh Shit! I have pushed the SSH Key to Github.

Yeah, If you want to know how you can remove or delete the sensitive info from Github that you have pushed in you last or older commits then you are at the right place. In this article, We will understand how you can remove any file that you have pushed ever to Github repo. Yes, you read it right we are going to remove the faulty “file”. So, If your file contains other data(not sensitive)too then please make a copy of the file to another path/place. We will use git…

Many times we have to send an email for activation, invitation, and other purposes. Sendgrid is an email provider which have great support of Twillio Developers. sendgrid-python is a library backed by Twillio Sendgrid. In this article, we will learn how to send an email with the use of SendGrid in the Django application.

Create an account here and also create api-keys for your app in return you’ll get a key “SENDGRID_API_KEY”, copy and store it somewhere as an environment variable(I prefer to store it in .env file) and get it in settings.py like:


There are two…

Hello there! In this article, we are going to understand the use of JWT(JSON Web Token)for the authentication of the APIs in the Django app. So, I am skipping the beginning part of creating a Django project(say project) and the Django app(say app). We’ll use the “rest framework” to create API.

pip install djangorestframework

To generate JWT tokens, we’ll use “simplejwt” library.

pip install djangorestframework-simplejwt

Now, do some basic settings related to rest-framework and simplejwt. Add rest_framework in the “INSTALLED APPS” in project/settings.py

AUTH_USER_MODEL = "app.UserModelName"

Put the above code in settings.py…

Hello there! I am Sandeep Chauhan, a Google Summer of Code student working with Python Hydra. I was working on the project Redis as a Graph database.

It was a great experience and I learned a lot of things like Python, Redis, Hydra, graph database, querying and many other things.

I am very grateful to my mentors Lorenzo, Akshay and Chris. They have been very responsive and helpful. I have learnt a lot of things from them. It was great to do work with them.

Overview of the Project:

The main motive of the project was, Implementation of Redis as a graph database in…

A GSoC 2018 story

Hello there! I am Sandeep Chauhan, GSoC student under Python Hydra. So, Today we will discuss about the querying mechanism for our Python client `python-hydra-agent` which is basically based on the hydra-client’s graph as demonstrated here.

So, First of all, we are using Redis as graph database for hydra-client. We store data fetched from Hydra server (hydrus). Once we have the data represented as described in the previous post we can query it from the graph using the OpenCypher querying language. …

Hello there!

So, today we’ll discuss how was the GSoC work for me after second phase evaluation until now. And as you know I am a GSoC student under Python Hydra. During this period, I have learned a lot things. It was also the time of opening of the colleges. So, I also learned that how we can manage time for all these personal and professional things. And I have also fixed many issues of agent. The work has done during this period is described below:

  1. Fix issue Execute “AND” and “OR” combine query : For this issue we have…

Hello there! Today, we will discuss about the whole second coding phase work. As you know, the second coding phase of GSoC is over and I am a student under Python Hydra with project “implement Redis as a datastore”. So, In second coding phase my main motive or task was to implement a querying mechanism for the data that we have stored in Redis from the server in the form of graph using redisgraph. And with the help of querying mechanism user can query the data easily and in efficient way. …

Hello there!

So, today we will discuss about the work of 7 week of GSoC under Python Hydra. First of all , the week was very good and I have learned a lot things during this period(we will discuss these later).

So, First important thing that I have learned is faceted indexing in Redis. Actually, we were discussing about secondary indexing or faceted indexing but I read about faceted indexing which is fully support by Redis but not secondary indexing. So, I decide to faceted indexing of properties which helps a lot in querying mechanism. We had an almost working…

Hello there!, It is first post after the first evaluation of GSoC 2018 under Python Hydra. So, First phase has completed successfully and we have done many great job during this period. And now, we have a graph structure of Api structure for hydra client which is stored in Redis and we have to design a querying mechanism for querying in Redis for hydra client.

So, this week we have discussed or researched about the querying mechanism here. And implementation is also going on in the same way as we have discussed.

Querying mechanism is like this:

  1. At first, user…

Sandeep Chauhan

Full-stack developer (Python)

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