GSoC Community Bonding Period

Hey everyone, community bonding period of Google Summer of Code program 2018 has over today. So, It is the time summarize the things which have done in this period. As I had already discussed about the starting period of community bonding here. During this period, I was a bit busy with my semester exam but I had tried to manage the time and read some blogs, documentation and the code base.

Here are some points which I had cover during the whole period of community bonding:

  1. Become familiar with the community especially my mentors.
  2. Learn about the hydra client implementation that how it is working.
  3. Discussed about the plan and implementation that how it should be worked, with my mentors.
  4. Read many conversations, blogs and docs which could help in my work.

From now coding period begins, I think that it will be a lot of fun to start coding and I am excited to tackle the problems.

Full-stack developer (Python)

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