What are necessary things to do before starting a business in India?

Have at least a little idea about what your startup will do. Flipkart started by selling books. You can expand later but you need to start by serving a very small market and being the leader in it.

  1. Find out as much as you can about the sector your startup will operate in.
  2. Have at least one key skill which’ll help you in initial phase of your company.
  3. Start helping other people in any way you can, be it connecting them with the right people, trying out their products, or simply being a delivery boy for them.
  4. Think of a name for your startup.
  5. Contact people who you think will be your customers. Ask them all sorts of questions. Get as much information about them as you can. Keep a record of all this information.
  6. Sell your product to your customers and get money in exchange. You don’t need to have your product ready to get paid.
  7. Not every business needs to raise funds, but if you feel you absolutely need them, contact someone who has done this before and ask them to mentor you. This person is ideally someone you’ve helped before.
  8. Create your product and gear up for a launch.
  9. Then LAUNCH !

Just focus on who you know, what you build, and who will buy. Then if you need us visit our website — www.revivo.in