Are You Planning To Move Towards Cloud With SAP?

SAP HANA (high performance analytic appliance) is an application that makes use of the in-memory database technology. It helps in processing massive amounts of real-time data in a relatively short-time. The technology allows the HANA to even process data that is stored in RAM against reading it from the disk. Obvious benefits are instantaneous results from customer transactions and analysis of data.

How It Works?

The application is designed to process the structured data from the relational databases that are a part of SAP application or any other application. There are three styles of data replication on the basis of the source data. It may be log-based, ETL based and finally the trigger based. The data is structured data is store directly in the memory. It is because of this data can be accessed rather quickly in real-time by the applications that make use of HANA.

Many Deployment Options

There are many options for moving to SAP HANA platform quickly by choosing the options that fits your business in the best possible way. SAP HANA can be deployed on the premise for the maximum control. You can be deployed for faster time to value.

On Premise

This deployment harnesses the real-time power of in-memory platform. With the help of the pre-configured approach and it allows you to select all the important components from the certified hardware partners.

Integration With Data Center

SAP HANA tailored data center integration provides with more flexibility and the choice. It also allows you to leverage the existing hardware and the operational processes, that leads to lower costs and simplifications.


The SAP HANA enterprise cloud is secure, scalable, and is a private cloud. It includes the licenses for SAP HANA applications, the cloud infrastructure and the SAP managed services.

SAP Hana hosting can be done on the third-party public cloud providers such as Amazon web services, Google cloud platform, IBM cloud and the Microsoft Azure. Some key benefits of SAP HANA cloud hosting:

· It is featured packed for the business

· It expands the value of the existing applications

· It hasten time to value

· It increases the productivity of the developers.

· It significantly improves the ROI and decreases the costs.

Wrapping Up

SAP hana hosting comes in various forms and you should go ahead with the one that goes in line with your business need in the best way.