Benefits of WAN Optimization Appliance You May Be Not Aware of

In today’s highly competitive market, every organization is adopting strategic methods to increase productivity and ensure its continuity. Enterprises are making integrated business plans. They are looking for resource sharing, faster communication over the international global network. Most of the businesses are using WAN (Wide Area Network) to ensure quality global communications.

Survey has revealed that there is a high increased in the number of enterprises using WAN. The studies have also found that the WAN application crossed $1 billion mark in 2008. It was a 29% increase when compared to 2007.

Why WAN?

WAN optimization appliance is required to connect distributed offices to the main branch. It links data and application to staff and employee, customers and partners at different places so that they can share resources, information and transmitting critical business data across the network. For performing business functions efficiently and effectively over the Wide Area Network, optimizing the network is a must.

Some of the key benefits of WAN include the following.

· Allows quick and secure data transmissions over the network

· Provides maximum benefits to businesses in terms of network acceleration

· Optimizes bandwidth and increased user productivity

· Improves the return on investment (ROI)

· Reduces the total cost of ownership of their IT and network investments

Apart from these, it provides some more benefits.

Better usability experience

WAN optimization appliance is designed to monitor and improve the WAN intelligently. It is used to manage and speed up the flow of data in networks on a real-time basis. WAN devices along with the optimization technology can provide optimum performance and manageability along with proper security to improve user productivity. Since it provides users with data and applications, they are able to work effectively and thus the productivity is increased.


Most of the enterprises don’t know what is in their network traffic. In most of the businesses, frivolous and other needless traffic consumes a good amount of the total bandwidth on the WAN. If you have optimization appliances, you can be able to differentiate business-related traffic from surfing/social networking traffic. Besides, you can also manage your bandwidth according to the needs of your business applications. Thus, you can control the network traffic and ensure that groups, users and applications get proper network resources.

To conclude, wan optimization appliance is of a great advantage. Apart from the above context, you can also improve transaction time, and reduces number of servers for corporate networks, etc.