What Do You Need, Cloud Or A Colocation Data Center?

The misconception about colocation data center has made many people view cloud as a superior option. Traditionally, colocation just involved renting space in a physical building to store your servers. New industry developments have stretched this definition further as will be explored in this article.

What Is Cloud?

To compare colocation and cloud, it is first necessary to define the two. Cloud computing, simply means, accessing services and software from the Internet instead of a physical computer. This action puts significantly less stress on your computers hard drive space and RAM because most of the work is done in the cloud.

What Is Colocation?

A very rudimentary understanding of colocation data center is a building where you can rent floor space for your servers, internet connection and electrical power. As previously mentioned in this article, today’s colocation data centers are far more sophisticated. Some of the additional services that you can expect from advanced data centers include hybrid cloud, additional power density, direct access to public and private cloud providers, and managed IT.

You Don’t Have To Choose Either-Or

As you can already see, colocation is a better choice for your business’ IT needs. A good service provider combines both colocation and cloud services to minimize costs and maximize agility.

Firstly, most companies and small businesses can barely afford IT equipment let alone build a new data center or update an existing one. The logical choice is to rent data center space. Secondly, investing and reinvesting in data centers is unpredictable and difficult to foretell.

Colocation services that also partnered with cloud providers offer their clients the best of both worlds at a low cost. In this case, you can expect a facility close to your company combined with low-latency connectivity. Additional advantages of such a data center include speed, scalability and quick deployment of applications.

Finally, a colocation and cloud service provider may also offer managed hosting, managed services, and migration services to ensure you get the maximum benefits. Going with such a service provider means that you sift your physical equipment, together with operations, so that your staff can focus on its core competencies.

Final Verdict

A colocation data center appears to be the best option for your business. The good news is that you do not have to forget cloud completely. The best service provider offers the best of both worlds so that you don’t have to agonize over the decision.