As part of my GMAT preparation I came across a online learning platform, e-GMAT, a paid verbal and quant course for GMAT preparation, where there was a module on comprehending passages in the verbal section. I found this module, master comprehension, pretty useful as it changed the way I read articles and the way I comprehended them. It helped me comprehend the passages on the first reading attempt and hence the need for rereading.

The module starts off by explaining the basic building blocks of a sentence such as, subject, verb and object. It helped me understand the complete thoughts or idea that a sentence conveyed and the importance how these basic building blocks are used to convey the meaning.

The module then goes on to demonstrate how to construct and deconstruct long sentences through examples. Another important point I learned was the pause points in a sentence, which are cues to pause while reading a long sentence. The cues are contrast words (however, although), comma pairs, prepositional words(of, to), conjunctions(and) and contextual words(because).

The importance of pausing is that we kind of pre think what to expect from the author and hence are more involved in the passage / article. This makes us more immersive readers and thereby improving our comprehending abilities.