March 10, 2017

Day 70

I was re-admitted to the hospital a few days back and discharged again today. Notice how I said “again” from the hospital. I managed to have a lil set back along the way, but minor setbacks are nothing I cannot handle and something I will address at a later journal entry. The main point is that there really is no better feeling than knowing that I do not have to sleep on an uncomfortable plastic mattress with shitty plastic pillows another night.

Initially I was discharged from the hospital on 2/27. It was such a weird feeling when I was being discharged because I was feeling so weak and out of it. In the hospital, Fentanyl was my BFF. It was the wonder drug that took away any severe head and neck pain I was having (other than the lumbar drain compressing a nerve that nothing seemed to make better).

Anywhooooo, the trip back to our make-shift home away from home wore me out, but what I found the most difficult was trying to get comfortable. I had to try and sleep at a 30 degree angle. Personally, I am a side sleeper, and I love to nuzzle my head down flat while mushing it into a fluffy lil pillow. The 30 degree angle thing was just such a difficult sleeping position, and I had a very hard time getting comfortable. My mom would consistency come in and try to reposition me because I would squish myself down off of the angle, so I was always pushed to maintain that 30 degree angle to keep everything draining from the trans nasal spinal surgery.

My mom and sister, Laurie, were like a tag-team of Bob Vila from This Old House. They might have well busted out their tool belts with tape measure and power tools in an attempt to construct the perfect pillow fortress to keep my head from slipping out of that 30 degree angle. They made it their mission to keep my head where it needed to be. I am surprised they didn’t decide to use a nail gun, gorilla glue, and/or zip ties to keep me in the specific position that was ordered by the Neurosurgeon.

I am beyond exhausted right now, and even pecking at the computer keyboard takes a lot out of me. I will continue to share my journey after some rest.