May 11, 2017

Day 132

I am so happy that I am finally getting back to my regular, daily routine. I returned to work this past Monday. I am one of those people who absolutely love, love, love where I work, what I do, and the team I get to do it with. I showed up to the first meeting of the day Monday morning and received a very warm welcome from a group of my amazing and supportive co-workers whom I like to refer to as my “work-family”. They had a little area set up with a “Sandee Strong” banner, and one of my peeps even made me special cupcakes….it is quite possible she made them for herself, but I will continue to believe that those delicious bits of frosted goodness were made especially for meeeeee!

My first week back to work has been slightly unproductive. I just keep telling myself that I am easing my way back into normalcy. While I was on leave from work, my boss disabled my computer access for the hospital to prevent me from doing any work. Like I said, I love what I do, so staying connected and working extra would have been something for me to do while I was trapped in Pittsburgh. I am pretty sure that my access was revoked because one of my siblings posted a photo on social media the day before surgery of me at the Neurosurgeon’s office, lying on an exam table, and on my computer. When my boss caught wind of the photo he immediately had my access cut off. I found it humorous because I know he wanted me to focus on surgery and recovery while I wanted to focus on anything other than what I was about to endure.

The first thing I did bright and early Monday morning was place a call to get my computer access reactivated. The IT Associate was having some issues getting my account and access restored. Somehow I was issued a brand new work email account, so all 50,000+ emails that I had stored in different folders under my original account were gone…years of hording emails. By today everything was straightened out, so I took advantage of the spare time during my work week to get updated on all of the things that I have missed out on while I was gone. I was so happy to see everyone and have a chance to caught up.

It is crazy to think that I have been on leave from work just under three months. I am extremely grateful that I get to return to my very unusual life as if nothing has happened. I feel really good right now, and not worrying about the future. I am learning that it is pointless to stress about the unknown of what lies ahead, and I am living in the moment focusing on today. In a little under four months I can give attention to the next step in my chordoma treatment and traveling back to Pittsburgh.