On NOT Following Your Passion
Nrithya Mixel Randhir

‘Writing has allowed me to experience adulthood in a way that photography couldn’t.’
Love this line! It’s like you were groomed through experience to become a writer. There’s so much honesty and truth in this piece.

I like how you identified the core distressing part of a creative career. The fact that you NEED to be an entrepreneur. If a creator constantly has to think of how they’ll be received, there won’t be honesty in work. We think having systems in place is the answer but that’s a tiny part of it.

For what it’s worth, I think we are all susceptible to getting caught up in this notion that we are our work. Tangible achievements & validation. But skill set is just one aspect. The most important criteria for any truly creative collaboration is always deeper connection :)

PS — Brianna West is awesome! Keep sending her stuff to my brother who believes the only thing he is, is a sportsman.

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