Great post. What’s to stop runjs files from going out of control like grunt/gulp?
Chris Richards

exactly what I was thinking, the article fronts as a x vs y vs z situation but clearly ends up to be a please all use Z …

your point is very reasonal, I would love to see a medium to large app with many build tools be rewritten in all the different setups here to actually show how big that run file becomes and even then LOC is not everything.

because you (can) run command line tools with npm scripts and runjs though many of these command line tools are somewhat equal to the gulp / grunt plugin that wraps them. Because each of these commandline tools is either already present on your machine or needs to be installed via npm or other package manager. Each of these tools has it’s own manual so you can argue the same disadvantages for grunt and gulp where your documentation is scattered.

I don’t vote for any, I try to keep it minimal to npm scripts often, but sometimes resort to gulp in older projects.

A non biased comparison would go a long way here.

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