MaticMaster — The Most Stable & Safe Yeild Farming DApp. Earn 10% Daily on your Active Deposited MATIC

Why MaticMaster ?

Hello everyone, we are about to launch the most stable and safe investment project, in which we have solved a series of difficult problems that may affect investors’ confidence. If you’ve been involved in a lot of high-roi projects recently, you’ll know that most of them don’t last long time. I think there are some reasons for the several aspects:
1, The investment rates are high and sustained rise in daily, subsequent marketing lead to slow investment which couldn’t keep up with the early investors withdrawal.
2, Too short cycle of investment, the investment balance pool stress caused by rapid extraction.
3, Whale profit after the withdrawal of huge amounts of money, cause investors to panic.

How is MaticMaster ?

The solutions we take to solve the above problems are as follows:
1. The daily interest rate is fixed at a high but stable point without floating increase, so as to ensure the steady inflow and outflow of subsequent funds, just like a river with a stable width.
2. The investment cycle takes 21 days, and daily profits are extracted every day, which ensures that the cycle length is neither too short nor too long, reduces the outflow pressure of funds, and ensures that the funds brought by subsequent market promotion can keep up with the profit withdrawal demands of early investors.
3. There will be a 30% mandatory automatic reinvestment on withdrawals when funds are below 25% of the recent seven-day peak to ensure investor confidence. At the same time, we limit one withdrawal every day, and the maximum withdrawal amount is 10000 MATIC.

When dose MaticMaster lauch?

MaticMaster Contract starts on the 17th of March, 2022


The ROI dApp has a lot of salient features that differentiate it from other normal ROI Dapps. These include the following.

  • Investors can get 10% profit everyday on investment in 21 days, total 210%.
  • Anti-Whale features. Withdraw once a day, maximum 10,000 MATIC at once.
  • Balance Guard line will be marked at 25% of peak balance in recent 7 days. When balance decreasing under the guard line, contract will automatic reinvest 30% of following withdrawals.
  • Automatic reinvest 10% of profit of every withdrawal.
  • Return 10% of profit to contract every withdrawal.

For example: A user deposit 100 MATIC today.

  • on 2nd day the user’s withdrawable profit is 10 MATIC = 10% * 100MATIC, when he/she withdraw the profit, 8 MATIC = 80% * 10MATIC will be sent to user’s wallet and 1 MATIC = 10% * 10MATIC automatic reinvest. The user’s active deposit will be 101 MATIC = 100MATIC + 1MATIC
  • The reinvested 1MATIC =10% * 10 MATIC starts a new peroid of 21 days investment.

Referral Program:

Investor can get additional income by inviting people to follow your link, You will receive:

  • 7% from each level 1 referral deposits
  • 2% from each level 2 referral deposits
  • 1% from each level 3 referral deposits
  • 0.5% from each level 4 referral deposits
  • 0.5% from each level 5 referral deposits


1. You need to have at least 1 deposit to start receive earnings

2. You need to use your referral link to record the people you refer.






• MetaMask can be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox, or on iOS and Android if you’re a mobile user here:

  • Next, follow along with the setup below –

Network Name: Polygon Network

Network New RPC URL:

ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block explorer:

• After you are done with the setup above , then go ahead and Select Settings from the dropdown menu

• On the Settings page, we want to locate the Networks menu

• Click Add Network in the top-right corner to manually add the Polygon Network

• Once you Save the Network and return to the main view and select Polygon Network and connect to MaticMaster



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